Stars Fall On Me

(Live at Orion Studios)

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Stars Fall On Me

Release Date: November 2009, ReR USA.
Available format: download-only
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Album Credits

Brandon Ross: bass, echo theremin
Lynnette Shelley:vocals, percussion
Vonorn: drums, theremin, keys
with guest musician
David Pym: guitar

Engineered by Mike Potter. Mixed by Vonorn and Mike Potter. Produced by Vonorn.

The download-only live album by the Red Masque, "Stars Fall On Me"* is now available through iTunes, eMusic, and other online distributors.

The live album was recorded on Nov. 1, 2008 at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, MD, and features a mix of songs spanning the course of three albums: "Carbon 14", "Das Snail", "Passage", "House of Ash", "The Spider is the Web", "Birdbrain", an Improvisation and "Tidal".

Links to downloads:

* Please note: there was a typo made by the aggregator and the album is being billed as "Stars FELL On Me" not "Stars FALL On Me" but ReR USA is working to correct this.

The Red Masque at Orion Studios, Baltimore

The Red Masque at Orion Studios in Baltimore, November 1, 2008. Photo by Debbie Sears.