Red Masque Interviews
Radio interview with Debbie Sears from the Prog Rock Diner (May 2013) | Listen to the interview.
Interview by Mike Reiss (July 2012) | Read the interview here.
Philadelphia City Paper (Feb. 2011) | Read the article here.
The Rocktologist (Feb. 2011) | Read Interview
Bill's Prog Blog (November 2008) | Read Interview
Prog Rock Diner, Recorded at NEAR Fest (June 2008) | Download Interview
Progressive World (April 2008) | Read Interview
Expose (Summer 2006) | Read Interview
Progression Magazine (Winter 2006) | Issue No. 49 | Download zip file.
Philadelphia Metro (July 2005) | Download PDF
Sea Of Tranquility (July 2004) | Read Interview
Delicious Agony Radio (October 2003) | Download mp3 Interview
Chestnut Hill Local (October 2003) | Read Interview
Nucleus (December 2002) | Read Interview
Progressive World Lynnette interview (November 2002) | Read Interview
Progressive World full band interview (November 2002) | Read Interview
Stargazer (September 2001) | Read Interview

Select Quotes

"From Pennsylvania hails a quartet without limitations to their purposes and without shame regarding norms and dogma within new rock." — Tarkus Magazine

"Equally stark is the blast of Philly's the Red Masque. The neo-goth/progressive band fronted by siren/painter Lynnette Shelley and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Lord Ross were always fascinating. Together since 2001, they sounded like Siouxsie meets Gong. But a new guitarist and frantic newer tunes have given their wifty complexities a blunt force by honing their femme-fronted sound to a King Crimson Thrak-era brand of bold attack. Kappow." — A.D. Amorosi,

"The Red Masque and their new lineup will absolutely destroy tall buildings and young minds alike. What an amazing performance & absolutely awesome songs. This new lineup has possibly some of the tightest and hippest drumming that you can still groove to in odd time signatures... Magnificent music with solid songs that deliver gold!... Avant / psych / prog meets krautrock ... Imagine Grace Slick in King Crimson at their most experimental and punishing mathrock. Hard as nails and arty too! — John Cecil Price, Drugbunny

"In the Nu-progressive rock underground, few bands are as respected and feared as Philadelphia's The Red Masque. Without irony or kitsch, the whirlwind that is Masque ... stalks the darkness of Hammer Horror ambience and cursedly complex musicianship (think Gong meets Bauhaus) with only feedbacking noise, sound-collage clustering and the howl of vocalist Lynnette Shelley to light its way." — Philadelphia City Paper

"The Philadelphia three piece, led by vocalist Lynnette Shelley, have a dedication to throwing rulebooks out of windows." — The Squid's Ear

"The Red Masque provides a sense of color and drama missing from most other modern progressive rock bands." — Paul Williams, Quarkspace

"Unfortunately: it’s all too seldom that an American rock band will come on to the scene, seemingly out of nowhere, to shake things up on some sort of musical level. Fortunately: we DO have The Red Masque, who have a penchant to do exactly that." — Dave Kerman, president ReR USA

"Well, you couldn't class this as boring... I heard some accomplished playing and intriguing musical ideas. At one point I was reminded of Jefferson Airplane, then Stockhausen and here and there Velvet Underground with a bit of Alistair Crowley, XTC, Opeth etc, thrown into the crucible of boiling, fervent and sometimes a very scary sound." — Glen Goring, Comus

"The Red Masque [are] here, and they mean business!" — Jon Davis, Expose Magazine