David Carle

Devoted guitarist, sometimes bassist, occasional mandolinist, and decorated pumpkin-carver, Dave Carle is the newest addition to The Red Masque. Born in New Jersey, Dave also lived in England and Delaware before settling in Philadelphia. He began playing guitar after a teenage accident in which he nearly lost a finger. Inspired by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath (who was similarly inspired by jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt), he started playing guitar as a means of physical therapy for his newly mangled digit.

His first and longest-running band was the comedic metal act Ripper, which melded the stylings of Judas Priest and David Bowie with sheer idiocy. Not until recent years did Dave find his niche and begin writing profusely in the vein of psychedelic doom. After repeated revolving-door lineups (Astaroth, Psychedelic Shotguns) ultimately dissolved, Dave caught the attention of The Red Masque in his search for new musicians. He eagerly looks forward to making weird creepy music together.

Lynnette Shelley

Photo by Gina Andreoli / La Regina Films