Brandon Lord Ross

Brandon Lord (Laird) Ross was born in Wilmington, DE. and began playing bass guitar in high school. After playing in several local bands: The Scarecrows (two versions), Copper Thrush, and the Ever Expanding Suckholes — he co-founded The Red Masque with vocalist Lynnette Shelley in 2001 in Philadelphia, PA.

His loud lead style of bass playing, heavy riffs, and complex time signature songwriting has been part of the defining sound of the band. He also plays combo organ, moog, and echo theremin. Other projects include writing his own avant-garde solo material and creating two rune tone songs for the website of inventor Karl Welz, as well as improvisational collaborations.

In addition to music Brandon is also a prolific artist exhibiting in various galleries,and venues. His work can be best defined as dark existential "outsider art". He primarily works in the mediums of acrylic paints, oil pastel, and pen drawings.

He also creates his own experimental film projects, and is an aspiring actor who will be play a part in the local sci-fi film "Consumption" shooting Aug. 2014.

Other interests include writing verse / poetry, tarot, astrology, metaphysics, reading strange fiction, art / horror cinema and mannequins.

Brandon is a strong believer in individual freedom.

Brandon Lord Ross

Photo by Gina Andreoli / La Regina Films